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Better use an aspirating ventilator to cool a processor

This is the common layout of a heatsink and a ventilator above a processor to blow its heat away. The processor is drawn green, the heatsink is grey and the ventilator is black:

In every PC I opened till now, the ventilator blows towards the heatsink. This layout has several disadvantages:
So, I inverted all this. I made the ventilator to aspirate the air from the heatsink instead of blowing towards the heatsink and I fixated the ventilator an inch above the heatsink using duct tape:

I used about 4 layers of duct tape to get a reasonably rigid structure, then I forced the ventilator down about a centimeter to crunch the duct tape. That way the duct tape forms a supply link between the ventilator and the heatsink.

The result is excellent: the processor is a little cooler, the ventilator is much quiter and its noise is far less disturbing. I expect the dust will be much easier to clean since I'll just have to vacuum clean the sides of the heatsink.

This photo shows my first attempt, on an AMD Athlon processor. The white nylon bolts date from another hack. Note the little ventilator at the bottom of the picture, aimed at the motherboard main chip:

This photo shows the same on a Pentium 4 Celeron processor. The ventilator is a big one from a power supply. Powered at 12 V it keeps the heatsink cold even under heavy processor calculations. Powered at 7 V it keeps the heatsink at low temperature and makes virtually no noise. Don't be impressed by the distance bewteen the heatsink and the ventilator: there is a native huge plastic structure above the heatsink and I strapped the tape around it.

For industrial manufacture I suppose a supple polymer link between the heatsink and the ventilator would do the job.

Lend your processor power for valuable scientific research:

Eric Brasseur  -  April 16 2006