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Science pics

When you write a script to make calculations, you have a to choose to way to express the results in a picture. Sometimes that picture has a nice look.

This image is a successful attempt to compute out a problem of Classical Mechanics yet using Quantum Mechanics. There is a blue dot on the left and one on the right. A cannon fires from the left dot and needs to hit the dot on the right. The speed of the cannonball is imposed, so the problem is to compute out at what angle the canon needs to fire. The green arches are trajectories computed out the classical way. They show that two very different angles fit; they reach the blue dot on the right. The red interference pattern is the result of the Quantum Mechanical calculation. It correctly shows more intensity for the appropriate trajectories. Yet it "recommends" two more trajectories that are not possible...

casual computer art

This image was drawn by a calculation routine written to check if a relativistic accelerating electric charge would appear as a single dot to observers receiving different parts of its field and inferring the position of the particle from the gradient of the field (the answer was no).

casual computer art

The image below shows shock bows of virtual particles emitted by the central particle after an acceleration. It looks like being 3D but it is purely 2D.

casual computer art

Eric Brasseur
August 22 2010