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Manganese orotate against migraine

I stumbled across what seems to be a panacea against migraine: manganese orotate. It is considered to be a simple food supplement so it is not subject to prescription. However do consult your doctor. Manganese is toxic in high quantities. You will probably have to ask your pharmacist to manufacture capsules, because tablets are not yet commercially available.

A friend who is a pharmacist has suggested to clients to give it a try. They were buying "heavy" drugs against migraine. He says that 75% of these persons, who now take manganese orotate every day, do no more need drugs. In 15% of the cases, manganese orotate brought a significant relief but the person still needs some pain medication. In the remaining 10% of cases, there was no effect.

He found out that there is a huge difference between manganese orotate and heavy medications. First of all: it does not loose its effect overtime; it goes on protecting the person even after two years. Heavy medications
often lose their effectiveness and must be changed. The other big advantage is that there are no side effects (if the person is taking the appropriate dose). It would even be the opposite: the persons feel better, sleep better ...

Most people take 4 mg per day, in the morning or noon. Some people should not exceed 2 mg per day. He knows two persons who must not exceed 1 mg per day. It is better to avoid starting with 4 mg per day, because if it is not the appropriate dose, there is a side effect: an unpleasant form of nervousness. Another reason to increase the dose gradually, until you find the right balance, is that in a few cases manganese orotate started by *triggering* a migraine. People who have had this problem but have continued to take manganese orotate, had no more migraine afterwards. Protection against migraine is established in a few days time. It is better to start with 1 mg the first few days. Then try 2 mg a day... Up to a maximum of 4 mg per day, but stop increasing the dose as soon as you feel a problem, like nervousness. You must stabilize at a dose that has no downside. Continue with this daily dose for a few weeks and see if it has, or not, an effect on the migraines. In general, people prefer not to take it in the evening because it wakes them up. But some people sleep better if they take it during the evening...

My pharmacist friend has of course never told any of these persons to stop their medications. It would have been a serious breach of ethics. But the majority of them have stopped by themselves. And some of them now show an anxiety at the idea of being short of manganese orotate.

When the intake of manganese orotate is stopped, the protection against migraine will continue for about a week.

It all started with a friend who has very strong migraines, which each time incapacitated him for a week. Only the heaviest drugs helped but their side effects are such that he was reluctant to take them. It was through him that I realized that it works. I gave him some, one day that a migraine was starting. The migraine simply like melted away... He was stunned by the strength of the effect. He immediately started taking it regularly and helped evaluate the correct daily dose. He still can have "a headache" or even a "light" migraine but nothing comparable to the extreme pain he experienced before. The dose that I gave him that day was greater than 4 mg, which was a bit irresponsible. I do not know if this can be a shock treatment against a migraine in progress. This must first be studied scientifically. If it is taken only once, a dose of 10 mg or 40 mg is not supposed to be dangerous. But this can only be done under medical supervision, because it is a toxic dose.

I do not know why it is imperative that the *orotate* salt of Manganese be used... Other salts of manganese, such as gluconate or sulfate, seem ineffective. In theory, manganese orotate can be more directly assimilated in the mitochondria...

Manganese orotate is also effective against my toothache. It can help ease anxiety or loose weight... There seem to be many cases where it might be of use. I got interested in manganese because of a correspondent who has Asperger syndrome like me. His physician had extensively studied his problems and came up with a prescription of omega-3 oil and manganese. This was very successful. So I tried it out too. But the first sources of manganese I took had no significant effect. I asked my pharmacist to order a whole can of pure organic manganese salt for me. He ordered several different ones, to allow me to choose. I picked out manganese orotate... and the result when I tried it out was astounding.

Orotic acid showed to be mutagenic in animal experimentations. The human body naturally contains orotic acid. Breast milk contains about 2 mg/l of orotic acid. Taking 4 mg of manganese orotate a day should hardly increase the level of orotic acid in the body hence it is probably not a significant danger. Yet for someone who takes for exemple magnesium salts, there could be a real danger to use magnesium orotate, because the doses can be up to around a gram a day.

Eric Brasseur  -  June 30 2011  till  September 4 2014