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Sound position feedback for desktops

Since a short while mainstream Linux distros are capable to output the sound of several applications altogether. A possible enhancement could be to link the sound of each application with the position and state of its window:
This needs to be user-configurable. Some applications are meant to be minimized while keeping the best possible sound quality and stereo effect.

Tune the virtual position of the sound can be useful for warnings and applets. Either to draw the attention to the applet's icon or towards the window that issued a message.

Dynamically moving sounds can be a quick way to transmit informations to the user. For example to give feedback on the position in the taskbar where a window minimized, to give immediate informations on alerts by the way the sound virtually moves on the screen...

Some web pages contain several multimedia items. A virtual sound position of each would help in not getting confused. When opening several pages in tabs and several output sound...

I wouldn't like a constant sound feedback on the mouse position. Anyway when the mouse wasn't use for a while and the pointer disapeared, it sometimes takes a few seconds to catch back its position while moving the mouse in circles. Maybe then a short scritch sound can help, like if the pointer was taped.

Maybe it would be interesting to build monitors with a few little loudspeakers all around the display array.

Eric Brasseur  -  July 30 2006